We oppose the Hotbed Music Hall at 1152 Magazine St.

The New Orleans Board of Zoning Adjustments will decide if the Hotbed Music Hall is a music venue or an entertainment center.

residents and arts district may be overwhelmed by bars/clubs

Proposed use permit will allow for at least 400 person capacity club, alcohol and live music until 2am, a precedent which could shape the future of lower Magazine St. and other neighborhoods throughout the city to be more like Bourbon St.

parking is already an issue


At 4pm on a weekend, there was not one legal parking place within two blocks of the proposed Hotbed Music Hall. Just the employees projected by Hotbed Music Hall will require far more parking spaces than are currently available in the area during the day and night.

From NOLA.com: "The Dunlaps said the city required they arrange for 11 parking spots near the club, which will be located in the WWII Museum parking lot under the adjacent expressway. But they hope most patrons will taxi to the shows. "

Live event nights at Eiffel Society are an example of what we can expect the Hotbed Music Hall in New Orleans to be like: drop-off and pickup traffic jams, blocked driveways and resultant confrontations between residents and parkers, and rowdy crowds walking long distances in residential areas to get to their cars.

15,800 sq ft club doesn't fit the spirit of the neighborhood

St. Theresa of Avila Church

The 170 year old church hosts mass daily.

The 170 year old Catholic Church hosts mass daily. 

International School of Louisiana

 ISL was Louisiana’s first language immersion charter school and is the only Louisiana school to be named a “Charter School of the Year” by the Center for Education Reform.

Chartwell Center

 Chartwell Center is a New Orleans nonprofit (501c3) working to make a difference in the Autism Community. They are in their 18th year educating and providing clinical services to children and adults with autism. 

Crescent City Auction Gallery

 Crescent City Auction Gallery, LLC is a locally owned and operated full service auction house. They are establishing a new facility that will contain a display space and warehouse. 

1019 Erato


This 1950s warehouse was recently renovated by artist William Monaghan. It houses his art studio, meeting space for community groups, and the offices of Build Now.

Build Now is a non-profit that has constructed over 100 new, elevated, energy efficient homes for families whose houses were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Nearby Residents

 Many long time residents fear the effects of a large nightclub on local institutions and their quality of life.  Residential renovations are improving the quality of the housing stock.  Pictured here is a recent renovation done on Erato at Magazine, one of many in the neighborhood.

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About Us

Lower Magazine Neighbors, LLC

Lower Magazine Neighbors, LLC is a group of residents, business owners, non-profit leaders and other neighbors to 1152 Magazine St. We are working together to oppose the Hotbed Music Club. 

Some of the active members include: 

Bonnie Slaughter (38 yr. neighbor)

1226 Camp St.

Louis Costa (47 yr. neighbor)

1420 Euterpe

Mary Martay Musenow (recent homebuyer)

1110 Erato St. 

John Boyd (60 yr. neighbor)

1309 Felicity St. 

Contact Us

You can reach us at info@lowermagazineneighbors.com .

For media inquiries please contact Angela Young at 


Other Opponents

Opponents to the unrestricted permits include the Garden District Association, priests at the Saint Theresa church, the former head of the Preservation Resource Center, Crescent City Radiator across the street, Build Now nonprofit on Erato, the Henry Howard Hotel, owners of the buildings at 1020 Erato and (which houses the Courtyard Brewery) and over 40 residents within 500 feet of 1152 Magazine St. Over sixty more people who have written letters and signed petitions oppose the 1,000 person capacity nightclub.   

Statements on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of all opponents to the Hotbed Music Club. Photos do not mean endorsements.